This year looks a little different…

With the recent changes to lockdown measures in the UK, there will be many people that will be spending Christmas day alone this year. We cannot say that this is not a difficult thing to experience but we hope that this blog will allow you to recognise that it is not a completely bad thing!

You are doing the right thing!

The biggest thing to note is that by being alone this year, you are being responsible and demonstrating to everyone around you that you value the health and wellness of your friends and family. I would prompt you to think about this before anything else whenever you are feeling upset or lonely.

This time has also made us all much more tech savvy meaning it is quite easy for you to enjoy Christmas day virtually through a video call with the added benefit of being able to come and go as you please!

We are never really alone 

There isn’t much else to it, these times are difficult to be alone in, but why not check out the series of blogs and resources we created last month on loneliness and how to manage the thoughts and feelings that come with being alone to help you realise that it is not as bad as you may think.

Try to embrace it!

Finally, right now with the continuous progression of vaccine research and implementation for COVID-19 we have no reason not to assume that this will be the one and only year where Christmas will look the way it does, so, whilst this is a really hopeful thought, why not cherish the things that make this year different as we all hope that they will never happen again!