Emily Coleman, the favourite and more well-behaved child growing up, upped and left, what to be seen as a perfect family and life. What is her secret that meant she abandoned her child and husband, to change her name and become a whole different person.

Preview — One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

For me, the book was interesting enough, however, it wasn’t the best book I have read. It felt very stuck in the same storyline for a while. It was pretty much the same thing every day of Emily’s life. 

Yet, I still kept reading as I wanted to see if it changed. It did but it wasn’t that satisfying but it is still an entertaining read. It allowed me to get away from the screen every now and then which is good.  

The relationships of the characters seemed strange but it was something different to what I have read before. This I liked. I liked the difference in characters as then I’m not feeling like I’m reading the same sort of stories and characteristics for the characters each time. 

I like how they used flashbacks as it gave updates to the people that Emily left back at home. However, it felt very all over the place in terms of the flashbacks. This is because they popped up here, there and everywhere. 

As well as this, the flashbacks could’ve had more detail and been longer. Not only this, but they could’ve been more interesting and intriguing. However, I liked the updates they gave so I would prefer them in than them nore being there. 

It is more of a light read rather than a book that I got invested in which sometimes is nice to just have something different for a change. My favourite types of books are where the chapters are shorter as it allows me to read the book at a much faster rate and it allows me to not just stop in the middle of the chapter which this book did.  

Reading is something that everyone can get involved with. Theres book stores and libraries and there is different reading levels books that can help improve your mental health and wellbeing. Reading helps find yourself, gets you inspired, widens your understanding of the world, develops your imagination, and complements your creativity. As well as this, reading decreases stress and you’ll be able to sleep better. Lastly, it can give you comfort and happiness.

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Overall, the book isn’t something that I would say to people not to read but I would say that if you want more of a fulfilling fiction story, this book isn’t for you. I liked the book more than I didn’t like it but I think as I’ve read such good books before, I had high expectations.