TRIGGER WARNING : The videos in this blog describe the realities and impact of climate change!

Today (22nd April), it is Earth Day! We know the past year and a bit has been unpredictable and many of us have been affected both physically and mentally and that’s ok. It will get better! However, we are here to talk about our campaign called Swap Plastic in honour of Earth Day. We want to educate others about plastic pollution and how to use plastic in more of an environmentally friendly way. 

What is climate anxiety? 

Anxiety is where you have feelings of fear, worry and nervousness and everyone will have had this type of feeling in their lifetime. However, there are many that go beyond just the normal feelings of anxiety that affects people daily. 

Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it’s Complicated 

One thing that many people feel anxious about is climate change. It is where we are constantly worrying about the outcomes of climate change. This feeling is nothing to be ashamed about as it is usually going to affect us young people the most. The symptoms of climate change can be shown by despair, anger, fear, sadness, isolation and guilt.

Fact – Coldplay, the band, have said that until there is a way that is better for the environment, they won’t be doing any more concerts. 

Climate change is where there is an effect on the world. For example, oil mining, deforestation, burning fossil fuels, factorial faming. All of this will mean that the weather events escalate such as tropical storms, hurricanes, droughts, warming oceans etc. 

Climate anxiety can be harmful because it can cause traumas and stress because of these disasters. This anxiety can ruin relationships due to being apart as anxiety can cause people to not leave the house. However, somethings a good amount of anxiety can make you act on it and make a difference on climate change.   

How can you manage climate anxiety?

  1. Increase feelings of hope and empowerment 
  2. Have conversations about your feelings (Speak to a therapists) 
  3. Acknowledge climate change and the anxiety that comes along with it
  4. Find a supportive community 
  5. Take action
  6. Spend time in nature

David Attenborough: ‘This is the last chance’ to address climate change | BBC  

Turning the climate anxiety into something positive!

There are many ways you can turn your climate anxiety into something positive by helping improve climate change such as recycling and reusing. Taking public transport and riding a bike or walking rather than taking a car. As well as changing lifestyle habits such as becoming vegetarian or vegan. Other than this you can educate others and yourself by researching how else you can help out. Lastly, stay informed and be the change you wish to see.

Overall, climate anxiety isn’t something that someone specifically can be diagnosed with by a doctor or nurse. However, this does not mean that it isn’t something to be recognised as a serious struggle people go through. Climate change is a topic that we shouldn’t stop talking about. It’s important and affects many people.