‘It’ that I shall not name…has left everyone quarantined in lockdown for who knows how long. The entire world may feel like it has been turned upside-down and a lot of us might feel unsure of what to do next! Big changes and perhaps stress like this can cause us to feel overwhelmed, so how can we utilise this time in lockdown to look after ourselves?   

Here are some fantastic ideas from the editors at Platfform4YP: 

To cope with lockdown I have taken it upon myself to learn new skills! I always say I’m too busy to try new things so I thought now would be the best time to give this a go! I have been using Duolingo to learn Spanish and Welsh, and have been practising yoga with @YogawithAdriene daily so that I can get more flexible and more zen. These two new activities have really helped me stay focused and calm during the lockdown as they give me something to do and new ways to learn and grow as a person.

Learn new skills! Try things you are "always too busy" to do! Learn a language, exercise, or try mindfulness! Find ways to keep calm in this crazy time and realise that this is a great opportunity to grow as a person!

Like most people, I’ve found isolation quite difficult so my wellbeing has been really up and down but there have been lots of positives as well. To help me cope I’ve been trying new things and trying to find structure in my life. I’ve found exercising is a really good way to lift your mood especially with the weather being so nice lately. I’ve also been finding lots of ways to connect with people and still be social despite everything going on. This has really helped my wellbeing and made me feel not so alone.

Focusing on yourself and your wellbeing is more important than ever! Find ways to structure your life; exercising once a day is great for this and keeps you happy and healthy. Stay connected with friends and family virtually to feel less alone

As I was still in my second year of college at the time when the lockdown was implemented, I had to work from home which gave me something to focus on. However, since I am coming to the end of completing my assignments, I have been setting myself goals to work on for the rest of the lockdown period. These include; reading more books, watching more films, and learning sign language. Even joining in with [Platfform4YP] and so on. By keeping myself busy, it has meant that I have always had something to do. My advice would be to set yourself goals to work on. These can either be something you enjoy like music or art or something that you always wanted to learn but never had the chance such as learning a new language as this has really helped me get through the pandemic.

Catch up with all your school work and set yourself achievable goals so that you can feel accomplished over lockdown; watch films, learn sign language, or maybe even join in and contribute to Platfform4YP!

I have been spending a lot of time with family, ringing people to check up on them and going for little walks to get fresh air. Also trying new things like reading and colouring as well, as meditation which has been very useful.

Ultimately, we are all experiencing lockdown in different ways to one another, but through this website, we can provide one another with some support and ideas to help ease your time in lockdown. Prioritise yourself and your needs, it can be a stressful time and you don’t need to add any extra pressure on yourself. Check out our ‘How to Get Help’ page for more info and useful resources. You are not alone!