Throughout life we often come across fears. Maybe it’s certain animal? Heights? Darkness? It is a natural response but it can often cause us to miss out on opportunities. Fears take time to overcome but trying to face it slowly and steady can help build self-confidence and provide a sense of freedom. 

What is a Fear? 

Fear is False Evidence that Appears Real.It reminds yourself your alive. This stimulates adrenaline. But when you look at something differently you can have a different response. It’s something that makes you want to go away from the situation.  

During lockdown I developed a fear of speaking to others, especially people I’m not familiar with. I found it even hard to speak on the phone. I decided I didn’t want this to stop me anymore. I then decided to take small steps when I could towards overcoming it. It was difficult. But over 6 months I was able to change it all and even complete a presentation in front of strangers and even work with strangers on a day to day basis. 

Fear route takes a particular path to achieve a goal: 

Protects you – simulates a response to a threatening situation 

keeps you out of danger – removes yourself from the situation 

Prevents getting hurt – avoids the situation 

keeps you happy – This is fears ultimate goal fear wants you to continue being yourself.  

Overcoming Fear 

Fear is all about mindset, it’s about recognizing it, understanding what it’s trying to do and changing your thoughts to: ‘I know what you’re trying to do but it’s okay.’ and ‘I can do this!’ 

Mini practices you can do by closing your eyes and picturing in in your head: 

Finding its intention: Imagine falling through trapped doors, each trapdoor layer of your fear. Give it a color and this helps understand your fear and find its pure intentions. 

Overcoming your fear: 

  1. Turn it black and white  
  2. Place it to your left and make it smaller 
  3. Add something that your fear is stopping and song you like to your head  
  4. Make it so small it  
  5. Flick the fear away 

As stated by Athena Singh;

Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength.