I’m in a slump, I’m feeling stressed

It’s really bad, I feel depressed 

That covid thing just beat me down 

My smiling face took on a frown

I couldn’t see my closest friend 

Oh when, oh when, would this thing end 

And zoom fatigue was all too real

At times I felt I couldn’t feel 

I stayed at home to do my work

While stuck inside, I went berserk

Because of this, I want to quit 

I’m stuck right here, can’t move a bit 

The sadness swells and fills me up

It overflows, a brimming cup

My crying tears an endless flow

I cannot cope, I’m sluggish slow

I’ve weathered thick and worried thin

I know I’ll thrive, ill not give in 

It’s hard right now, it’s really bad

This soon will pass; I’ll feel more glad

I bother friends and share my shame 

I just can’t win life’s nasty game 

Lots of others are wounded too

This hopeless feeling through and through 

But then I reach a friend who’s dear

Reminding me to get in gear

The hope I find within my reach

It stretches far, an endless beach 

The turning point is getting near

Beginning now, I’ll get in gear