People don’t realize how important pets can be to a person’s life. They are a companion, a friend, a support system and overall a big part of someone’s life. When people think of grief, they instantly go to the loss of a person. But, many people can grieve the loss of a pet as well. 

Talking About Grief 

Grief is another one of those topics that isn’t spoken about enough. Especially when it comes to the grief of a pet. This is because there is this stigma around grief with pets where people think; “It’s just an animal, what is there to grieve about?”

Because of this, not many people are having conversations about it. However, they are as important as talking about grief and the loss of a person. You may be thinking, I don’t know how to start opening up about my grief. 

Where to start? 

Here are some resources that may help you with your grief of losing a pet!

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🐻How Does Losing a Pet Affect My Mental Health?

🐨 Pet Bereavement and Help Coping with Pet Loss

Overall, pets are amazing and are important in many households. When families lose these pets, it has a big impact on their mental health and wellbeing. It affects some people more than others but the pain is all the same. Hopefully, after speaking about grief here, you’ll be able to open up about yours however you feel most comfortable.