When we think about relationships, many people think straight to relationships with others. When in fact the most important relationship we have is with ourselves as we’ll be the one person that will be in our lives forever. 

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on ourselves when our schedules get busy and the realisation that there is an importance to stay connected with friends and family because of the pandemic. However, staying connected with ourselves is just as important for our own wellbeing. 

Building a Relationship with Yourself | Michelle Lim | TEDxYouth@Singapore  

Knowing where to start can be difficult to navigate, yet you can start wherever you feel most comfortable. Knowing yourself is a main part of having a good relationship with yourself. 

It’s about knowing when to take a break, what you like and dislike and about listening to your mind and body. So, knowing where to start is up to you, choose one thing that you know that you can keep to and you’ll be off. 

Making a schedule can be a good way to spend more time with yourself to get to know you better. It can help you stick to what you have planned and allow you to make time for yourself as well. 

Making space for your time can come in the form of a morning routine, a nighttime routine or just a couple of hours to yourself listening to music or reading a book. It’s all about doing what is right for you. 

Learning to Love Yourself | Amanda Jetté Knox | TEDxYouth@Nepean

Keeping it consistent is something that many can find difficult, similar to what happens to new year’s resolutions. Keeping it consistent can be helped through creating a schedule as you’ll be able to stick to what you said you would do. 

Planning for short, middle and long term goals can help you focus yourself on a couple of goals at different stages in life rather than all at once. Yet, still having the bigger goals in mind. 

By having smaller goals, it’ll help you reach the main goals that you have set. It’ll keep you motivated as well as being able to keep good habits as a consistent part of your life for longer. 

Keeping yourself motivated changes a lot and it doesn’t stay the same at different stages of your journey. The longer you do something, you may start to see your motivation decrease. However, to keep motivated, you can change the way you do things to make it more interesting and more suited to you. 

Finding people with similar goals can allow you to have people behind you that can help you to reach your goals and just because you are working on yourself, doesn’t mean you can have support from others. 

It allows you to ask for advice, have people to hold you accountable and allows you to feel less alone. It’s about balance. Having time to yourself but still have that human connection. 

Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth | Adia Gooden | TEDxDePaulUniversity

What Does a Good Relationship With Yourself Look Like? – Syd.Nord

Overall, your relationship with yourself is listening to your needs and it can take time to be at tune with yourself. It’s something everyone has to work on at some point in their lives so don’t be hard on yourself when working on yourself. Remember to ask for help as and when you need it.