Losing a pet is something people don’t relate to mental health. A lot of the time, people ignore these feelings as they feel like losing a pet isn’t something to grieve about. However, a pet holds as much importance in your life than a human. They are a part of your family and when you lose them, there is going to be some sort of hole left behind. 

Signs that you may be struggling with losing a pet!

🍿 Grief – When we think of grief, our first thought goes to losing a human family member. However, you can deal with grief when it comes to losing a pet. Many thoughts can be racing through your mind when you lose a pet. It’s not something you should feel ashamed about.    

🏉 Guilt – After losing a pet, you may rethink your decisions leading up to your pets death. You may question yourself on if you have made the right choice, on anything that you could’ve done differently and so on.   

Guilt is a normal feeling! It’s just our brain’s way in making us think we have gone against our morals. You just don’t want to get it wrong and that’s ok and majority of the time the right choices you made were the right ones.    

🎧 Isolation – When a pet dies, there’s a void that has been created. Something that you cared about is no longer there when you wake up, when you come home or go to bed. You feel lost without them.    

Why not start with creating something in memory of your pet that you can always have on you. For example, a necklace or a keyring that represents your pet. You can even think about getting another pet. However, make sure to get another pet when it’s right for you. 

Overall, your feelings are personal to you. You may not feel any of the above and feel something completely different but you may feel all of the above. No matter how you feel, do what is right for you and get help when you need it.