In recognition of university mental health day this year, we want to talk about what you can do on your campus to advocate for mental health.

Almost all universities around the UK should/will have a form of mental health support or club on campus. This is the most obvious approach to advocacy and is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and possibly experiences to you on campus!

But this blog stands to show you how you as an individual can be a mental health advocate on your university campus completely on your own. I heard a great quote at an event I was at a few years ago that went ‘ We need to starting talking about mental health in the same way that we talk about the weather’ meaning that this should be a conversation that we are having on a daily basis with ourselves and others. We all have different aspects of our mental health that we struggle with from time to time, and so a simple conversation such as ‘hey, how are you doing?’ may be all that someone needs to open up to you and get whatever they need off of their chest.

You can also merely just facilitate conversations around mental health around your campus. Ask people how they are feeling in mental health terms. If this is something that you don’t feel comfortable with, then why not phrase it around stress as I am sure with the amount of work you are all asked to do and all of the other factors impacting your everyday life, unfortunately stress and anxiety may be something many people you know will be dealing with.

Mental health can be a very personal and even private subject for some people, especially when they are struggling, but being an advocate on your campus could be the key to someone finding the support they need.

Think this would be something you’re interested in? Email our chief Editor Thomas Evans at and he can help signpost you to relevant sources of information and training!