Mental health challenges are something that many people go through. However, there are many stereotypes that affect people’s understanding towards mental health. It is important that we change the way we think about mental health. Being inclusive can be a start to making that change.  

I can be more inclusive by… 

🤩 Not judging what I don’t know

😎 Avoid calling people attention seeking 

😁 Normalise asking for help when I need it 

🥳 Don’t one up others

🤠 Practise my boundaries  

🧐 Staying kind to myself  

😇 Answer honestly when someone ask how I am

🤓 Asking how people are and actually listen to their answer 

Being inclusive allows people to feel they are seen and heard which can make a difference in how someone gets support for their mental health challenges. It means someone may be more willing to open up about what they are going through. As well as stand up for what they deserve. 

Being inclusive allows for growth of people all around. It gives people more experience in handling mental health challenges in the future. As well as allowing people with mental health challenges to start the process of receiving support. 

However, there is so much a person can do when supporting another person. So make sure to look after yourself and set your boundaries. Do what makes you comfortable and realise that helping others doesn’t always mean go big as the little things matter as well.

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