Finding yourself in a sticky situation can be a very scary thing. It can be anything from getting unwanted messages from someone, being followed or sharing personal details out by accident and it doesn’t just stop there. 

Even if a sticky situation seems small to others or even to you once it’s over, those feelings about the situation are still valid. Knowing how to go about those feelings and the situation can be difficult as you may be in a state of panic at the moment and that’s ok.

How can I get out of a sticky situation?    

🍇 Let someone know – Even if you already have a plan on getting yourself out of the situation, still let someone know. As well as letting someone know after something has happened. It will help you be reassured that somebody knows what you are going through. They can also be there for you for guidance and support.

🥝 Keep calm – When you realise that you are in a situation that you don’t want to be in, keep calm. Keeping calm may not always be easy, especially when you’re in a situation that can be stressful.

However, being calm enables you to focus on the situation in hand more effectively. You will be able to make more thought out decisions without rushing into the actions. Overall, it allows you to have more control over everything.   

🍓 Set your boundaries – Letting people know that what they are doing is making you uncomfortable, or have a response ready so you don’t need to think about it on the spot.      

For example, 

  • “Please can you stop, you are making me uncomfortable.”
  • “I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone, please.”

You don’t have to explain any further since what you have already said is an explanation in itself. 

Overall, sticky situations are something that many people have experienced. There are many reasons as to why someone gets into a sticky situation and it’s not always the person’s fault so make sure not to blame yourself.