What is a gap year?

A gap year is where you take a year off, usually done once you leave year 11, sixth form or after your Uni course. However, you can take time off whenever you need and want to! 

Why are we talking about gap years?

Gap years seem like a daunting thing, however, they also seem like a very cool idea. Since COVID-19, I have decided to take a gap year myself and wanted to share that experience.

The decision was made because I wanted to do an apprenticeship in the film industry. However, the apprenticeships that I was going for were cancelled so I had to make a decision. 

It’s not what my gap year would’ve looked like if COVID wasn’t around. However, I will have to make do. 

Are you thinking of taking a gap year yourself? 

The decision of taking a gap year is up to you and what you do with your time is always important. Whether it is recuperating after a stressful couple of years or wanting to travel the world. 

The latter is quite hard right now, since we are in lockdown. However, there are other activities that we can take part in that are COVID safe.  

Whatever you plan to do in your gap year, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of what you decide! You don’t have to have a jammed packed schedule. 

What do I mean by ‘making the most of it’?

Making the most of your gap year isn’t doing everything and being everywhere, but it’s doing what is best for you. 

You could be reading books, creating your own home videos or even learning an instrument. 

Think ahead! Think to the end of the year and ask yourself, in a years time;

  1. Would I be happy with what I did with my time?
  2. Would I feel like I have accomplished what I had set out to do?
  3. Would I reflect on my time and wish I did more or wish I took more time for myself?

If you want to find out more about gap years, go to our resource page to find out more! 

Especially whilst we are in lockdown as this time shouldn’t stop you from accomplishing your dreams.