Intrusive thoughts are unpleasant thoughts, images or ideas that slips into your mind that are unwanted. These thoughts can be worrying, frightening and they can sometimes be hard to put aside. Intrusive thoughts can impact your wellbeing in many different ways and they can happen randomly. 

Intrusive thoughts are something that people don’t want as it can have a negative impact on you. These thoughts can worry you as they are thoughts that are usually unhappy and it’s sometimes believed that they may lead onto something more. As well as this, these thoughts may make you feel embarrassed since people think that they are the only ones thinking these thoughts. This is not the case since many people will have experienced intrusive thoughts. 

Being worried about intrusive thoughts is something that is normal and something you shouldn’t feel ashamed about. Let people know when you are feeling these feelings when you feel most comfortable in doing so.

What are some tips and tricks to overcome these intrusive thoughts?

Having intrusive thoughts are normal but just because they are normal, doesn’t mean you have to keep dealing with them. Here are some tips to overcome these thoughts!

❄️ Write your intrusive thoughts  down 

☀️ Stop what you are doing and do something very different 

🔥 Talk to someone you trust 

💧 Try to identify why you are thinking these intrusive thoughts 

✨ Do some grounding techniques 

⚡️ Have a walk in fresh air 

Overall, intrusive thoughts can be worrying. Remember that it’s not your fault that these intrusive thoughts are happening. Speak to a professional if you need help!