Looking past what’s on the outside, does not mean ignoring it altogether. It just means that what’s on the inside that matters most and you should listen to what your body wants. This could be from what you want to eat, to the clothes you wear and even getting piercing. 

Fun Fact – The longest wedding dress veil was 6,962.6m long (22,843 ft 2.11 in).

Just because looking past what’s on the outside is what this blog is about but you should also use what’s on the outside to your advantage as it can tell a lot about you. For example, your hobbies. 

With me, I go by what I am feeling. For example, I don’t like wearing makeup or wearing skirts. However, I like wearing t-shirts/jumpers and some oversize clothes as I feel more comfortable doing that. 

Tip – Just do it! After trying something new for a couple of goes, you’ll become more comfortable with it. 

How can I find my true-self?

You learn who you are, piece by piece as you go through life! It’s the experiences that you have that help you find your identity. Whether that is finding out what music you like or what career path you’ll follow but remember, your true-self does not have an agenda. 

Once you have found your identity (which can change as you grow older but that is ok) it is very rewarding. However, finding your true-self is defined differently by everyone so try and not compare what you aspire to be with anyone else. 

Fun Fact – Unlike many animals, horses can only breathe through their noise. 

In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t allow what others think of you to be who you are on the inside and stop you from expressing that on the outside. It is something that will take a while to find what you truly like. 

Tip – Even if you feel you may not like something, try it out and you’ll then know for definite. However, remember to listen to your body so you are doing it at the right time for you.