How and why I volunteer

Over the past few years, I have volunteered at various different organizations. I started volunteering to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). However, in between doing these volunteering segments, I volunteered with other organizations.   

Whilst I was doing my Duke of Edinburgh, I decided to volunteer at Cefn Mably Farm, Barnardos charity shop, and Fantastic Gymnastics. While taking part in these activities, I learned a lot about different animals, got hands-on experience on how a charity shop works, and got to grips with supporting gymnasts when they do the skills. 

Last year, I did some volunteering with the film industry. I went to an ‘It’s My Shout’ course in which I was a Camera Assistant. I got to help out on a short film that ended up being aired on the BBC. Whilst I was working on set, I got to learn how to change the camera lenses, camera batteries, how to set up all the camera equipment, and so on.  

Over the past couple of years, I have volunteered at the holiday club that Boulders Climbing center provides. Also, I helped out at a competition that they put on as well. At the holiday clubs, I got to do shadowing which means that I helped out with the main instructors, learning how to be an instructor properly and to look after the children. When I volunteered at the competition, I judged the competitors and helped out with jobs that needed to be done. 

Why I volunteer; in a nutshell 

The reason why I volunteer so much is that I like to help others and by doing this it makes the community stronger. There are a lot of benefits that you will get out of volunteering. These are, becoming more confident in yourself, learning new skills, and allowing you to meet new people. Also, it is just great for you and your community.