Sometimes we just have to spend time alone with ourselves. We are taught that this is a bad thing, that if we are not surrounded by other people at all times that there is something wrong.

Yes, we are social creatures, and so we do arguably need a certain amount of social interaction in order to look after our mental health and wellbeing and balancing this is important. But spending the night embracing your own company is not a bad thing, take some time to appreciate all of the awesome parts of yourself and realise how you don’t always need other people to make you happy.

If the idea of self-reflection is a little intimidating to you, utilising the resources around you as a way to pass the time is also a great option. I would recommend putting on your favourite song and singing and dancing to your hearts content, you are alone after all! But if that’s not really your thing, reading that book that you have always been meaning to pick up or watching that movie that you have seen all of those good reviews for is a great option.

There are so many other things that you could do with your alone time, I mean that’s what’s so great about it, it’s yours to do whatever you want with! But when you are doing these things, take a second when you are thinking rely to recognise the fact that you are alone and that you are content with that.

So, yes being alone can be lonely sometimes for multiple different reasons, but it doesn’t always have to be, you have the ability to change what you associate with loneliness as well as what you do with your time when you are alone. Also, we should be embracing this time that we have being alone away from the busyness of ‘normal’ life, I am sure that we will look back at this time in years to come, and within the tragedy we will appreciate the time that we spent developing our relationships with ourselves.