Dad why are you wearing on socks?? I get asked this by my children every day along with an inquisitive look because I never wear matching socks. Today, when I was asked about my socks it got me thinking… what’s wrong with wearing odd socks? Am I indeed odd for wearing odd socks?

What does odd actually mean anyway?

When I was growing up I was often called odd because I didn’t always fit in with the ‘cool’ crowd.  I ended up somewhere in between the not so cool crowd, and the really cool crowd, because I didn’t seem to belong in each group. Wanting to fit in with both left me in a kind of no man’s land.  It often left me isolated with no close friends but plenty of occasional friends.

It can be such a difficult time growing up…

Trying to discover who you are as a person, and asking yourself where do I fit in today’s society? Thinking about this my mind started to drift towards the world we live in, the natural world is full of quirks and oddness.  As human beings we are fascinated by uniqueness, we are curious about different shapes colours and textures.

Oddness is what makes life so interesting, without it life would simply be well, really boring!!

From Steven Spielberg to Albert Einstein, there are many famous people who went on to influence our lives for the good, and at some point in their young lives were called odd, weird or strange.

I like to think oddness is greatness, every single one of us is unique, even the ‘cool’ kids are unique. It’s the most amazing part of being human, we all bring something different to the world we live in, and we should celebrate our uniqueness just as we celebrate and admire it in the world around us.

So back to me and my odd socks. I guess I wear odd socks because it makes me feel I stand out a tiny bit, it’s my small way of saying I embrace my uniqueness.

So whatever makes you unique, embrace it, celebrate it, and feel comfortable in your greatness. Being you is always enough