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Relationships aren’t something that are black and white and no two relationships are the same. What works for one relationship, may not work for another. 

Relationships aren’t just with partners. They can be with family, friends and even yourself. You can have a good or bad relationship with something, whether it’s with the people mentioned above or things such as phones and food.   

Everyone wants to have a good relationship with things and no one heads into a relationship and thinks that they will lose contact with a friend or break up with a partner.   

In this toolkit, you’ll find information about relationships with links that take you to more resources that you think you need help with most. Or you may just be interested in that topic. 

What will you find in this toolkit? 

  1. Communication within Relationships
  2. The Impacts of Technology on Relationships
  3. When the relationship becomes toxic!
  4. Overcoming Rejections 
  5. Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  6. Useful links

A healthy relationship doesn't drag you down, it inspires you to be better

Navigating difficult family relationships

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Communication within Relationships

For a relationship to work there are many things that every relationship has to have. For example, communication which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of a relationship whether it’s with your partner, friends or family. 

If there is no communication the relationship more than likely will break down as there are no feelings, opinions and expectations being shared. Yet, communication is something that many may fear as it may cause rejection, disagreements and judgement. 

How to improve communication in relationships?

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Not only do we have communication with others but you have to communicate with ourselves. What do you need? How do you feel? It’s all about listening to your body! 

Sometimes this can be hard since many of us have a busy lifestyle so we may ignore what our body is telling us. For example, if you are out with friends and you become tired, you may not go to bed as you may be having too much fun.

What Having A Relationship with Yourself Really Means?

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We all deserve peace, freedom, empowerment and health in our relationships

The Impacts of Technology on Relationships

Besides communication, there are many other aspects of having a good relationship. As well as many aspects that may make a relationship go sour and technology uses can be one of the hot topics within your relationship. 

Technology is now a part of life, it’s there and it will continue to grow. It’s just up to you on how you use it and how technology will affect you. If you are watching TV or on your phone whilst having a conversation with someone, ask yourself why? 

Why aren’t you interacting with the people you are with fully? Why is the TV or the text that has come through so much more important than the person sitting next to you? 

However, technology is an amazing thing as well. You can text, ring and facetime people when you are not with them. Social media can show you what people are doing and so much more. 

Yet, using technology for social media can affect your relationship with someone. You may see that your friend went on holiday with other friends and you are hurt that you didn’t get invited. You may see your sibling with their partner and get jealous that they have something you may not have.  

How can I stop my phone from affecting my relationships?

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You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely

When the Relationship becomes Toxic!

Relationships don’t always work, and that’s ok. It may be that both you and your partner, friend or family member, just have grown apart, your personality has just clashed, or the relationship has just become toxic. 

Noticing when a relationship is not working anymore can be hard. You may not see the signs of a toxic relationship or you may just pretend that they aren’t happening. 

However, when you are at the point of cutting ties with the toxic person, make sure that you’re in a safe environment. For example, if you know that your partner will kick off if you try to dump them, having someone you trust near to help you out if things don’t go smoothly. 

Once you have got rid of the person in your life that is toxic, it’s about moving on. There may be a lot of guilt, you may think that you have made the wrong choice or feel like you can’t live without that person. But, it’s all about time and recovery. Your pain will heal over time!  

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Great relationships aren't built in a day, they are built on a daily basis.

Overcoming Rejections

Rejection can happen in many different ways from your mother ignoring your feelings to your partner not wanting to spend time with you one evening. No matter what the sort of rejection that you get, it will sting and hurt for a while. However, it all depends on how you go about this rejection.

Think about what my mother is going through? Why did she ignore my feelings this time around? Did I ask her if she was in the right space of mind before I spoke about me? 

Or think about why my partner did not want to hang out with me this evening? Have I spoken to him to ask him what his thoughts are on the situation? Did they just want some alone time? 

Rejection isn’t all about you, it may just be that a boss at an organization has chosen someone who has a bit more experience than you. Ask for feedback for the future, communicate with your partner as to why their rejection hurts and have a conversation with them to work things out. 

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Here are some other useful links!

Overall, relationships are something that you work on overtime, it doesn’t just stop once you become an adult or once you have gotten married or have moved away from your friends. It’s all about giving and taking. If you don’t give, you won’t get. A relationship is a two way thing.