Self-accountability and sobriety is hosted by Alexis Haines with the guest as Kat Von D who talks about what led her to her addiction and now her 14 years of sobriety. As well as, the importance of self-accountability, motherhood and parenting and so much more. 

This episode I really liked because the whole conversation was smooth as the topics flowed into one another. This meant it felt like it was more of a conversation than a back and forth.  

I liked how detailed each part of the conversation was as they talked about the experiences they had with their opinions on each experience. Also, I liked the format of starting from childhood and making their way to adulthood.  

Let’s talk about the topics!

When they were talking about Kats childhood and how her parents weren’t the sort of people to talk about their feelings or to ask others about theirs shows how important it is to do this. 

This is because, would Kat have felt the sense of not belonging and not knowing how to go about this in childhood, if her parents helped and guided her through her feelings. 

But, Kat asked the question of, are the fact that her parents are immigrants and are a different generation affect how they handled their children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

As well as this, Kat’s parents were strict with sleepovers etc so was this another reason why Kat felt that she didn’t belong because she couldn’t do the same things as her friends could. 

When Kat started to talk about how she is a huge believer in accountability when it comes to anything that involves you, I agreed and disagreed with this statement. 

This is because, sometimes the reason why someone may be in a situation such as addiction, is because of someone else. This means the accountability should be on the person who made the person become addicted. 

But in terms of the recovery, the accountability is on the person addicted to get the help needed. However, the system needs to be changed as it seems that it is difficult for people to get the help they need. 

Overall, the podcast talked about important topics which helps people understand what it’s like to have addiction and how everything could potentially be combined in some way. It’s a really good podcast that I recommend everyone to listen to.

Ep. 104 Self-Accountability and Sobriety with Kat Von D — Recovering From Reality | A Podcast by Alexis Haines