Worry is caused from an actual or potential problem that can cause someone concern. Many people feel worried throughout their lives. It could be something small such as potentially being late to something or something big such as something concerning your health. 

Here are some tips to get calm when worried!

🎃  Spending some time writing down your worries may help you sort through your thoughts. As well as being able to find a solution to what is worrying you! By writing, you are able to put a step-by- step guide of how you can overcome a worry and be able to go through your worries individually if you have multiple worries at once. 

👻  Following on from the tip above, make some time to go over your worries each day, or as many times you would like within a week. Make sure that you schedule this time each week into your timetable so that you are able to go through with sorting out your worries. 

👣 Identify which worries are solvable and unsolvable as this will help you know what you can actually overcome and which of your worries are taken out of your control. It also helps you know which ones you can solve straight away and which ones will take some time to solve.  

🍩  If you are struggling to overcome your worries, talk to someone about them. This allows you to have support and input in how best to overcome what is troubling you. Especially about the worries that seem unsolvable to you as having someone else’s input can change the way you think about a worry you have. 

🍿 When you start to worry about something, stop in your tracks and do something else that involves movement. Movement releases endorphins which relieves tension and stress, boosts energy and helps improve your wellbeing.  

Overall, many people have worries and it’s something that you shouldn’t have to deal with. By using the tips above and others that you have found yourself, you can start to overcome your worries. Make sure that you find what works for you as what is said in this blog may not work for you.