Worry can come and go throughout your lives. It’s where there is a cause of concern over something, big or small. It can be anything from being late to an event or something concerning your health. Getting calm when worried can be difficult for many and that’s a normal thing to happen.

Here are some tips for dealing with worry! 

🐨 Write – Putting your thoughts and feelings into writing can help you sort through what’s going in your mind. It can help you find solutions to how you can overcome your worry. 

🐻 Identify – Identify what worries are solvable or unsolvable which allows you to know what you can overcome, what is taken out of your control and how long each one will take you to overcome.

🐼 Time – Make sure that you spend time looking at what is worrying you. It allows you to have the space to sort through your worries and make it a priority. 

🐵 Talk – If you are finding that overcoming your worries challenging, reach out to someone for help. It allows you to have the support you need and input on how best to overcome what you find challenging.       

🐯 Stop – When your worry starts up, stop what you are doing and do something completely different. It may help you focus on what you are feeling. 

Overall, you’ll deal with feelings of worry at some point throughout your life and that’s ok. It’s about knowing how to overcome those feelings when they arise and finding out what works for you, even if you can’t find them within this blog.