A lot of people think that education is going to school, then going onto further education,  e.g. going to sixth form and then uni. However, many people confuse schooling with education, when in fact you learn everyday and that’s a part of your education.  

Getting a basic education is important and going to school or being homeschooled is an important part of that. However, it’s how you decide to learn and educate yourself once you turn 16 and leave school. Do you want to go to sixth form and uni? Or is going to college, getting an apprenticeship or even getting a job better for you? 

Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It? | Middle Ground

Education can be done anywhere. At home, at school and even within the workplace as learning can be done at any age and at any place. So, what I’m trying to say is that getting an education isn’t always stuck in the confines of school, sixth and uni. 

School and sixth form is set up in a way that pushes out the idea that one size fits all and that is not the case. So it’s all about finding out what is best for you! Not only this, not all careers require a degree. 

How to Figure Out What You Really Want | Ashley Stahl | TEDxLeidenUniversity 

For example, getting into the film industry. Since this career is a more physical career, it is sometimes better to learn about the skills you need on the job. However, going to uni is still an option for the film industry if that’s what is right for you.  

Overall, it’s not all about following what other people do, or what people expect of you. Your education and your life shouldn’t be controlled by what society, your friends or family expect of you and want you to do. Do what is right for you and what will make you feel happy. Don’t be afraid to fail or change your mind. It will work out in the end!