Education is where people learn, where people are taught about things that they need to know for your future. It prepares you for starting up a career and gives you more opportunities. Many people think of education as schools, colleges and Universities which is true, these are places where people are educated. However, these places aren’t always a place where everyone is able to learn. 

Schools in particular push the idea that one size fits all. This means that everyone is taught in the same way. However, this isn’t the case. Many people learn differently. It is still important to get yourself educated and going to school is a place where you can do this but make sure that you are able to learn in the way that suits you. Yet, being in school also teaches you that being taught all the same is normal, that going to Six Form and then going to University is the way you should go.

It is just how society it built but this is changing. More young people are following different paths to what is classed as the norm. It is not the teachers or parents fault that they can’t accommodate everyone’s needs as it all comes down to funding. However, there should be more being taught on different avenues of learning. There should just be more funding altogether put into schools to get the best potential out of everyone. 

What do we really mean when we say college (University) isn’t for everyone? 

Here is some information on different options!

College – The route of further education that is taught in schools is Six Form where people do A Levels with the plan of going to University. This is classed as the normal route in your education journey. Even though you are able to do your A Levels in colleges, you can also do a course in the field that you choose.  

You are able to do coursework and assessments rather than exams. Your tutors are able to give you feedback on your work which enables you to get the best grade possible before the deadline. You’ll get the chance to do a mixture of practical and theory work which enables you to get a basic understanding of the industry you want to go into. 

Apprenticeships – You can do an apprenticeship either as soon as you leave school or once you have completed college. Apprenticeships are where you are able to learn on the job. You get paid an apprenticeship wage but it’s not much. 

However, you will be able to work and learn in the industry that you want and to be able to get used to the environment that you’ll be working in. Yet, there is usually one day of the week where you do still have to go to college. 

What is Equity and Why Do Our Children Deserve it? 

Overall, there is so much pressure on going to six form and then onto university that there isn’t enough information given to young people about other options. Don’t feel afraid of going a different path to your friends, family and others in society.