Risk taking is sometimes thought to be a negative thing but when you think about it, it’s something that can have a positive effect on someones mental health and well-being. Even though you may overthink an activity or a decision, become nervous or think you can’t do it, you can have fun with risk taking. 

Why are we so afraid of risk taking?

  • The unexpected may happen 
  • There is feelings of doubt and regret 
  • Being afraid of failing and being different from others 
  • Not being able to control the outcomes 
  • Being afraid of making mistakes 

We can learn from risk taking. Risk taking can help with self-regulation and can help find who people are as a person. It allows us to be able to fulfill our life throughout our adulthood as well.  

Young people are more likely to take part in risk taking activities as they are acting and living within the position of increased independence from parents and society. For example, being allowed to spend more time unsupervised and take more control over their decisions. 

Overcoming the fear

  • Fake it until you make it 
  • Nurture the positives, not the fear
  • Don’t make excuses 
  • Go with the flow 
  • Evaluate the risk and find out as much information as you can  

Overall, risk taking can have a negative side effect but it is not always the case. Everyone lives their lives differently and within the realms of what they want to do rather than what people want them to do. There will always be fear surrounding risks but it’s the way you react to those risks will help you be who you are as a person.