Disclaimer – Updated blog for Youth Mental Health Day

As many of you know, this pandemic has been an experience that no one had expected, nor wanted. However, we are naturally looking to the future and I believe that we can confidently have a hopeful expectation of what it is going to look like!

Looking back on this pandemic, there has been a decrease in general carbon emissions due to the lockdowns, making the population generally more aware of their impact on the environment. Also, how simple it is to decrease our role in climate change going into the future.

Moving on from one of the good things we can take from this pandemic, we have seen a rise in issues such as mental health problems and substance abuse for example. We have come to really realise the value and need for support services and education which will hopefully result greater funding for these sectors going forward.

We have come to value relationships of all kinds more now than ever before because of this as now social interactions depend more on planning and the formation of meaningful connections. Yet, there is still concerns about the future because of uncertainty  surrounding the pandemic.

However, many of us have come to better appreciate our NHS and all that they do to support us putting their lives on the line to ensure that we are all happy, safe and healthy.

We ironically have been able to appreciate the outdoors and the nature as a whole as many people now actively go on walks in order to get a break from the indoors.

We have seen the potential for the world to function virtually meaning more people can work from home and spend more time with their families. Looking into the future this option of working hybrid may decrease the pressure for people to go into work when they are unwell or feeling guilty for not spending enough time with family.

So yes, the pandemic has been a HARD experience, but with all of this in mind, we can look forward with hope for a better future!