• Draw or write on a balloon, paper boat, or make message in a boat.  – Gather your emotions and put them on paper, either through words or drawings. Attach it to a balloon, turn them into a paper boat or put them in a bottle and set them free. Therefore, sending your negative emotions away or helping to spread positive ones.
  • Post card- – Are you still angry or upset with someone in your life? Create a postcard that expresses this, though you do not have to ever send it.


  • Paint to music – Paint in response to music.  this helps your creativity to flow in a relaxing way
  • Colouring book – Colouring is a simple, fun, and therapeutic thing to do. Helping you to relax and let go of your worries.


  • Collage a quote  – Take a quote that holds meaning to you and turn it into something beautiful.
  • Create your perfect day – Think about your best memories or dreams you hope for the future. Try to create what your perfect day would look like and involve, what can you do to make those things happen today?


  • Create a box with represents you  – Take a box and collage or paint it so it represents you. Then, place things into the box that represent you. Helping construct a whole and happier you.
  • Create your own coat of arms  –  Take different elements and symbols from your life to create your own coat of arms. These can be anything from, family, friends, race, sexuality, gender, skills, hobbies, and interests.


  • Make something for someone else – Take time to think about why you are grateful for the people in your life and make something for them to show how thankful you are for them. Small gestures like this can mean a lot to someone else. By doing this, not only do you make someone else feel good, but you also can lift your own mood.
  • Draw all the positive things in your life – Remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life, sit down, and draw it.


  • Use natural materials – By using natural materials, such as sticks, leaves, clay, and mud, you can reconnect with the environment around you.
  • Use your body as a canvas  – Your body is your canvas, which you can express your personality through. But you can also use your hand as a tool to paint to make you feel more in touch with yourself. Do not be afraid to get messy and use your fingers, hand and feet as brushes.