Our bodies are one of the things that we have that are constant in our lives. Thinking about our body is something that many of us think about daily. It’s the way we think about our body physically. It’s the way we think about our hair, our eyebrows, our thighs, our stomach and our whole body in general. 

It can be difficult to think about our bodies in a different way when there are so many different external factors that make us think that we need to look a certain way. These factors include social media, magazines, film and television, our peers etc. 

How can we think about our body image differently? 

🤓 Think about what you like about yourself, even if it’s not about how you look

🤩 Write down a list of things that you like about yourself so when you are having a bad day, take out this list and read it

🧐 When a negative thought comes to mind, stop and change that thought

🥳 Unfollow or mute accounts that have a negative effect on the way you think about yourself  

😴 Not everything you see in the media is true, many things you see are edited and exaggerated 

🤠 Think healthier, not skinny or muscular 

How can body image affect someone’s mental health?

Struggling with your body image can affect your mental health in many different ways. Including finding simple tasks such as eating, getting dressed or going out with friends more difficult. Not only does body image affect the things above, it also can lead to someone having low self-esteem, low moods, anxiety, isolation, loneliness and other mental health struggles.    

Overall, body image is something many people struggle with and it can be hard to stop thinking about the insecurities that you have. Especially when you are comparing yourself to others who you deem better than you. Know that your body is perfect the way it is. Your body is getting you through life, the best and the worst parts of your life, know that that is something special.