An Italian Affair is about a widow who has just lost her husband. On instinct she takes up an offer from her grandmother (who has also recently died) that allows her to inherit her land and a house in Italy. Alessandra takes her daughter with her and whilst over there they both struggle with various different activities. 

Like most books, I enjoyed reading ‘An Italian Affair’ but it wasn’t as I expected. From the title, I thought the book would primarily be about relationships. Even though the book did have storylines about relationships, the book’s main storyline, I thought was about the struggles of the Second World War. 

However, this did not disappoint me in any way as I enjoy reading and watching shows and books about war and our world’s history (both fictional and factual storylines). 

Each and every character in this book was well represented and you could tell the emotion from the characters through the way the book was written. I think this is important because the topic of the book was about war which is a very sensitive subject. 

The ending of the book shocked me because I didn’t see it coming. However, I think, when the son of Alessandra was working out what happened, I think it should’ve been written in more detail. As well as, it being brought in a bit more smooth.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book as the storyline was gripping as you wanted to know more about the storyline. Also, the amount of time spent on each individual character was perfectly spread out which allows you to keep up with the main characters.