Fallen Angel is about a current childminder who got hired by the temple family, to her, they seem to have it all. However, behind the laughs and the hugs, there are secrets that have been kept from her.

This book was recommended by one of my family members and the storyline was something that I wouldn’t usually read. However, having this variety has kept me interested in reading.

The storyline was very believable which kept me wanting to know more. My favourite part of the book was the end as it was unexpected which took me by surprise. Even though the end outcome shocked me, it was a very happy ending for the childminder and for the whole family in fact. This is because, they can now move on with their lives and put the past in the past.

Overall, the book was nerve-racking as you can relate to the main character as she is in a situation way over her head. It is a very real story in terms of the emotions that people actually have which made me like the book more as it didn’t shy away from anything.