Lost is about human trafficking where it’s Tom Moon’s mission to combat international crime. This trafficking takes place from Amsterdam to Miami where Moon worked with the Amsterdam task force. 

I would definitely recommend this book for people to read as even though it’s about human trafficking, it wad told in a way that was easy to follow. However, the book wasn’t as engaging as other books I’ve read. 

The characters’ relationships were well thought out, yet I couldn’t always picture what they all looked like from their descriptions. Despite this, these characters were brought into the storyline at the right time. 

As well as this, I liked how they involved two countries into the plot as I feel like it gave more representation to the topic they were talking about. Since Tom Moon worked so closely with the Amsterdam task force, there was a sense of professionalism when needed but also there was a personal touch to it. 

How can reading help with your well-being? 

Reading can help with relaxation and can get people through hard times in their lives. This is because they are taking some time away from being on the go. Having some time reading can strengthen relationships. 

Not only can reading help when you are awake, you’ll have better sleep and can also help with your social skills. Lastly, reading can reduce stress which allows you to be more calm when doing day to day activities.   

Overall, the book Lost is interesting and allows you to have some insight on how international crime is solved. It’s quite a light read and it was something new and different to what I have read beforehand.