Draw My Life Project

Over the past couple of months, Platfform4yp had the opportunity to create a series of videos with some of our incredible young people. It allowed these young people to develop videos about topics that they feel strongly about.

Draw My Life Project

Draw My Life Ep. 4 – Hair

Many months ago we collaborated with a young person who talked about her afro hair. As it is Black History Month, we have taken the opportunity to re-share her story!

Draw My Life – Challenges of Being Blind

Draw My Life is a project where a group of young people came together to create videos about topics that they have experienced and feel close too. In this video one of our young people talks about what it is like to be blind. She wants to help spread awareness about the struggles of this disability.

Draw My Life Ep.2 We Should Be Stopped

Here is a video about hidden disabilities, created by on of our young people.

Draw My Life Overview

Over the past month we have released 4 videos that were created by some of our young people. Here is an overview of the Draw My Life project.

Draw My Life – Ep.3 My Journey

Here is our third Draw My Life video called "My Journey". This video is about one of our young people's journey through State of Mind. Hope you enjoy!

What is the Project + video schedule

Here is a explanation of what the 'Draw My Life' Project is and the schedule of the video's being relseased soon!