Whether you want to rock out to some heavy metal to get your anger out, listen to waves on the beach to help you sleep or learn from an interesting podcast. Here are some things that we like to listen to!


The Official Uk Top 40 Singles Chart

Do you want to listen to some music? Why not listen to The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart?

Ways to Concentrate and Revise

As a lot of people are going back to school and Uni after so many months, you may be out of touch with revising and concentration with your work!

Podcast: Your Anxiety Toolkit

Do you experience anxiety? You're not alone! Here is a podcast that tells the story of people who live with anxiety and gives you some tips and tricks on how to manage it in your everyday life.

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Podcast: Mrs Brightside with Susan Calman

Comedian and author Susan Calman gets together with some celebriity friends to take a lighthearted look at a very difficult issue: depression. Website is below, or search from the BBC Sounds app.

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Podcast: You’re Dead to Me

Really funny, interesting podcast in which historian Greg Jenner and celebrity guests take us through a not-very-serious look at some in the most incredible people history has to offer. Website is below, or search from your favourite Podcast app.

Noise and Effect apps

These are great for relaxing, blocking out background noise, or sleep.

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Calming Spotify Playlists

For relaxation, sleep, stress relief or focus.

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