Platfform4YP Swansea Bay

Platfform4YP Swansea Bay gives you a chance to share your experiences of mental health with others who are facing similar challenges, and to learn new strategies to promote your wellbeing.

Platfform4YP Swansea Bay

Wonderfest Website

Platfform4yp Swansea Bay are holding a festival for both young people and professionals. If you want to get involved go to Wonderfest website and book your space.

Free Yoga Classes From Platfform and Yogasteps

Want to do yoga, here's some classes you can do?

Surfing With Platfform

Come and join Platfform surfing!

Monday Club

If you want somewhere to go to do your homework, create some crafts or just hang out, why not join our Monday Club sessions!

Free Activities With PLATFFORM

Do you want to have something to take part in? Why not join us in our activities that Platfform is putting on for free?

Free Yoga Classes

Do you want to get involved with Yoga? Get in contact with the Platfform Team to book a spot or find out more info.

What is Platfform 4YP Swansea Bay?

4YP Swansea Bay works with 13-16 year olds in Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot. The project offers
one-to-one support, peer support groups and the State of Mind Programme.

12 different art therapy activities to help reconnect with one’s self.

Art encourages the freedom of self-expression and helps one reconnect with themselves and the world around them. Art helps to heal one’s mental well-being by exploring different emotions and helping to tackle stress and anxiety. These activities will help you to realise that!

Healthy VS Unhealthy Habits Activity

This an activity made by State of Mind Peer Mentors that you can do simply to promote your healthy habits and tackle your unhealthy ones! Image by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Some games to help you relax

Like gaming? Here is a list of games from the BBC that will help keep you relaxed during the lockdown.
Thanks for the image Alexey Savchenko from Unsplash!

Positive Pebbles

This is a great mindfulness activity as well as a way to add colour and positivity to your community in these crazy times! All you need is a rock, paint and your imagination. [Thanks for the pic Dan Gold from Unsplash!]

Gratitude Jar

A Gratitude Jar is a space for you to write to your future self. You note down on a scrap of paper what it is that you are grateful for, or happy about.

(Photo: Milan Popovic on Unsplash)

Box breathing for calm and concentration

A simple but effective breathing technique to help stop a panic attack in its tracks. It’s also just generally useful for calm, or for increasing concentration. A great way to stop and re-centre.

(Photo: Fabian Moller on Unsplash)

Looking after your mental health in a difficult living space

If you're struggling with your relationships with the people you live with, this article has some really helpful advice.

(Photo: Isi Parente on Unsplash)

Mindfulness: getting started, and useful info

If you're looking to learn more about mindfulness, there's a list of useful methods and info on Platfform's site, and there's also a link below to a big list with places you can find out even more. There's also some great video guides on Platfform's Vimeo for young people.

(Photo: Kyle Mills on Unsplash)