Summer holidays aren’t for everyone. Some people simply don’t enjoy the summer but for many, the holidays may be a time of stress and anxiety. Even if they do enjoy some of it, the holidays can still come with its difficulties.  

There are many reasons why the summer holidays can be difficult which can include your mental health challenges increasing. As well as not having any specific goals to work towards so there can be a sense of feeling lost. Not only this but one of the consistencies in your lives has gone which can cause some uncertainty in your life.

How can summer holidays affect mental health?

🐼 The ‘Summer Body’ – Whenever summer comes along, I start to hear, “I’m getting my summer body ready.” There is this idea that being slim is the only ‘summer body’ that can be had. So for those who don’t have the stereotypical ‘summer body’, there can be anxiety surrounding putting on a swimsuit or even just showing a part of your skin. As well as for those who are already skinny to maintain this body throughout the summer.  

🎲  There is no set schedule anymore – A lot of people thrive of routine so having a lack of routine can be disorienting. You can lose your energy and enthusiasm to do things and you can lose interest in the things you usually enjoy.   

🎳 Your only support system has gone – For many people, the only support system they have is the one they have within school, colleges or uni. So when summer holidays come along, you will lose the only support system you have.

Having no friends to hang out with – Friends can be hard and some people may not have any friends at all. So when it comes to the summer holidays, they may not have anyone to hang out with which can lead to loneliness and self-esteem challenges. 

🎱 Your home lives may not be the best – Not every home has a good family dynamic.  Relationships between yourself and your family members may be strained. Or, you may have a great family dynamic but aren’t able to afford food and rent etc. 

This can cause you to become isolated and out of reach from the support you deserve. It can also cause feelings of being left behind by society as people see what other people are doing.  

🥥 There is nothing for young people to do – With the decrease in hubs and community centres, there are less places for young people to go to hang out and have activities to attend. This means that a lot of activities are repetitive and there are only so many times that someone can attend the same activities before they get bored.    

What can you do to deal with summer holidays? 

🐨 Find a new routine – A new routine can help you have a smooth transition between school, college or uni and the summer.  

🐯 Plan ahead – Finding different activities to attend throughout the summer can make it easier for you to be able to get through the summer.  

🦁 Find support – Finding the right support for you can be hard but support can be from attending a new hobby or going to a coffee group in your area. You can ask your college tutors for help to find this support before you leave for college.   

🐵 Be good to yourself – This means being honest with how you feel and what you want! It allows you to know when you need and want support to help you through your challenges. 

🐰 Volunteer – Going out into your community and volunteering can help you feel good about yourself, keeps you entertained and allows you to keep connected with others.  

Here are some summer holidays activities! 

Overall, the summer holidays can be tough for many people but remember that you don’t have to be alone. It can be difficult to find things to do, especially when the holidays last a long time but if you can’t find events that are happening in your area, try and make your own entertainment. And remember, don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.