Sports and exercise can help people in many ways. It can just be walking for half an hour a week or going to the gym every morning. Remember to go at your speed, do what you enjoy and don’t allow other people to get you down when doing sports or exercising. Sports may not be for you and that’s ok. However, for those of you who take part in sports and exercise, here are some positive things you take away from exercising. 

Boost Your Memory 

Exercise can help strengthen your memory as the section of the brain that reacts strongly to aerobic exercise is the hippocampus. This means that the construction of the brain develops as people get fitter. 

Fact – Research shows that walking or cycling during learning helped learning new languages to stay within your memory.

Enhanced Your Creativity 

Your creativity will improve as when you are exercising you are clearing your mind which helps you to think better. In a study it has been found that when walking your creative productivity will have increased by 60%. Another benefit that exercising has on your creatives is that it boosts your divergent and convergent thoughts. This means that you are able to think about many problems for one situation or think about a single solution for a particular situation.

Improves your concentration 

Exercise can boost your attention span which allows you to stay on task for much longer. It also allows you to do a task to the best of your ability. 

The Research

In Dutch, the students’ concentration improved when they had 20 minutes periods of aerobics-style exercise scattered throughout the lesson and the day. 

In the USA, a trial was performed over a year with students on the effects of daily after-school exercise. Students got fitter, as well as their executive control enhanced. 

As well as this, students become better at avoiding distractions, multitasking and holding and manipulating information in their minds. 

Improve your mental health

Physical exercise can have powerful effects on your mental health as exercise can help with reducing depression, anxiety, stress, as well as PTSD and trauma and so many more.  

Fact – The “runner’s high” is legitimate. This is where there is a sensation of euphoria after tensive exercise. It’s called “endorphin rush”.  

Overall, exercising is something we all do in some way or another. Doing sports and exercising doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be walking to your local shop or doing the housework.