Technology has become a big part of the society we live in today, especially within young people. As time has gone on, and the more we use technology, the more we see the impacts it has on people. 

There are many positives and negatives to the use of technology and the age of when children receive technology is getting younger and younger each year. Research has demonstrated that 56% of 8-12 years olds have access to phones. As well as 88% of 13-17 year olds also having electronics.

Cell Phone Addiction | Tanner Welton 

Personally, I am divided on children/young people having technology. I believe that 8-10 year olds are too young to have smartphones for example. However, allowing them to have a DS or maybe even a tablet is something more appropriate for their age. I also believe that even though a child may have access to electronics, the amount of time should be controlled by their parents or guardian. 

As well as this, setting out rules to when an electronic should not be used, not just for young people but for adults as well. For example, if you are eating at a table, electronics should not be used. However, research has shown that adults also have an issue with technology addiction so children and young people follow in the footsteps of what they see.

Technology, Teens, and Taking Responsibility | Indigo Mudbhary

What are the effects of technology on young people’s mental health? 


🐾 Technology is a great resource for learning and getting information 

🐠 Reduces loneliness as making and connecting with friends and family is easier 


🐕‍🦺 Young people can be exposed to content that they shouldn’t have access too

🦩 Children who grow up with technology, have a greater chance to become dependent on it

What I learned when I gave up my cell phone | Hays Edmunds

The more children and young people use technology, the less they are willing to go out and meet up with their friends. They would rather connect with people through screens which inevitably have children and young people becoming more absorbed with technology.

Overall, there is not one definite answer to whether technology is outright bad or outright good. So, my final message would be, know when to stop. Put things in place to allow you to take a step back when you think you are spending too much time on electronics.