When people think of di-stressting many people think of meditation. However, there are many other ways that someone can di-stress. 

Here is a podcast that talks about Loving Yourself & Being Confident in Who You Are 

As we are coming close to the holidays and coming to the end of the year, it is the great time to focus on de-stressing before a new year starts. 

Here is a ted talk that talks about Self-Love. Self love is important to think about when it comes to distressing, as well as all year round. There are many activities that you can do to di-stress. 

One of those ways is meditation. In this podcast, we hear about The Power of Meditation. However, for many, meditation isn’t for you.

Finding what works for you is something that isn’t going to be easy, so why not start by Unmasking Yourself Through A Journey Of Self-Discovery

Overall, distressing comes in many different forms, and it is different for many people. Don’t stress about not finding the right thing for you straight away. It will come to you.