Loneliness is a feeling, a feeling that many people can experience, young and old. It is where our needs are not met when it comes to connecting with others. It’s something that has a different meaning to different people. 

However, loneliness and being alone are not always the same. This is because someone may want to be alone and not feel lonely. Yet, others may feel quite the opposite about the same scenario.  

Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, loneliness has risen and has affected some people’s ability to be able to connect with others when the restrictions have eased. Even though loneliness is a natural emotion, it’s something that you shouldn’t face alone.  

Since loneliness can affect anyone, even if you have people around you, there are many things that you can do to overcome the feeling of loneliness. It doesn’t matter how severe you may think or don’t think it is, there is going to be support out there.

Lessons about loneliness | Samuel Stainton

Here are some tips to help with loneliness!

🐨 Find support – Whether it’s in the form of a group, a therapist, or even reaching out to a friend, a family member or someone else you trust.

🐼 Take things at your own speed – Nothing is worse than feeling pressured into doing something that you’re not ready to do yet. Why not try attending an online activity session but not interacting with the session as a start? Being there may just help you gain some confidence. Or if this is not something you want to do, why not find something that you would prefer.

🐯 Look after yourself – Even if you aren’t ready to open up, it’s still important to look after yourself. You can be in as much of your routine as you can. E.g. getting ready, doing chores, school work, doing as many hobbies as you want etc.

Loneliness is silent, but it is louder than any horn in this world | Frank Ji 

Overall, loneliness can be felt when you’re in the comfort of your own or even when you hang out with a group of friends. Many people feel lonely throughout their lives or even just once in a lifetime. It is just important to know to get the support that you need for you.