Moving house can be a stressful time for people. It is where you move from one place to another, whether it’s somewhere in the same area or to a different country. Today we’ll cover how to handle the stress of moving house. As well as turning the experience from a negative to a positive. 

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

🐼 Time – Moving house takes up a lot of your time, it can take weeks from finding the right house for you to packing and to actually moving in. As well as sometimes having a deadline to move out as there could be a possibility of being evicted.  

🦁 Money – Moving house is really expensive as the price in houses and rent is increasing so this will have an effect on your mental health. This will mean moving won’t be as desirable as it first seems. 

🐹 Damage to one self or your belongings – When moving, there are a lot of boxes, bags etc to lift and move, which can hurt yourself when moving as well as potentially breaking your belongings along the way.

🐻 Disruption of routine – There’s no easy way to move house, even when it does go smoothly, there’s always going to throw you off. With moving house, there will be the fear of the unknown as well as potential physical and mental exhaustion because of this. 

Tip – Make sure to see the house in person as well as seeing it on a video. This is because a video doesn’t tell you everything, it won’t show potential mold, marks, dents or any hazards and so on. 


What if it’s my first time moving? What do I need to know?

🐯 Make sure you know that you can afford to move 

Tip – Practice “paying” for rent and any other expenses a couple of months before you actually move to make sure you know you can do it and to get yourself in the routine!

🐨 Be prepared whilst viewing for places – Don’t expect your first place you move into to be your dream house. Work your way up to where you want to be and take it slow.

Tip – Ask plenty of questions whilst inspecting places to make sure that the house or flat is the right one for you.

🐵 Many moving companies offer lower rates if you move on a weekday so make sure you get those lower prices as it will help you save money in places. 

Tip – Even if you are using a moving company, make sure you take anything you need such as, toothpaste/brush, plates etc in your own car. As well as certain valuables such as electronics. 

How to look after your mental health during your move?

Moving Tips: Do’s and Don’ts from a 12-Time Moving Expert | Ahsante the Artist 

Videos on Moving to a Different Country 

🌆 I moved “overseas” with just two suitcases… here’s what happened

🏞Evan Edinger – Evan moved from USA to the Uk many years ago, he does videos talking about the move as well as comparing the Uk to the USA. 

How to make the moving house experience a positive one?

As many people may know, moving house can be daunting. However, it doesn’t always have to be like that! 

☀️ Sing along to your favourite songs whilst packing up

❄️ Whilst packing, put in some surprises for when you get to the new home

🔥 Bring along friends for the journey 

🪐 Each day of moving have a themed day so you have to do everything within that theme 

🌏 Think about the positives of moving house e.g. a fresh start 

Overall, moving house can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first time doing it. However, like most things, there is an aspect of it that can be stressful. Why? There’s so many things you need to do like packaging, finding a house and so much more.