No matter what people say, young people have the power to change the world. They are the next generation, the people who the older generation will leave the world to and so their voices are just as important as anyone else. 

If we are going to live with the ramifications of the decisions made by other people, then we should have the right to say what we think of those decisions. We have the right to want decisions to be taken away or changed. We should be a part of the conversations that affect us.  

There is a misconception that young people aren’t important enough to be involved in tough conversations as they aren’t experienced enough in life. However, that is not the case. Yes we may not be experienced in life but that doesn’t stop us from being subjected to the harsh reality of the world.

I’m 17 | Kate Simonds | TEDxBoise

Why is your voice important?

🍓 We see issues that need to be changed just like any other person. We can provide solutions that the older generation may not have thought of. 

🍇 We also don’t want others to speak for us. We don’t want others to tell us what we need or want. We want to be the ones to tell you what we want and need.  

🥝 Our voices can bridge the gap between the different generations as we can work together to make the world a better place. 

🥥 Our opinions and thoughts are valid, we should be valued and our voices should be heard and be a part of the conversations that affect them the most.  

Why Young People Should Use Their Voice

Overall, no matter who we are in society, whether you are young, old, poor, rich and so on, voices are important. We should be able to share our stories, our experiences, our views and our thoughts. We should be able to put input on how our world changes.