Many people (not all) within the older generation think that the voices of the younger generation are not valid so they should not be heard. However, this isn’t true. Young people’s voices should be heard and be a part of conversations that affect them the most. 

I’m 17 | Kate Simonds | TEDxBoise 

Why do the older generation think this way?

Many people (not all) from the older generation think that young people are ignorant, arrogant, full of themselves and so much more. It seems that the older generation forgot that they were young once too and were in the same position as many young people are in today.

Older people think that we don’t live in the “real world” and think that our struggles don’t exist or are just not as important as the struggles they face. The phrase, “children are to be seen, not heard” has been around for centuries but I think this idea should be changed. The world would be a better place if we actually listened to young people. 

Why are young people’s voices important?

Our voices are important because we not only see the issues that need to be changed but can actually provide solutions that the older generation have not thought of. As well as not wanting the older generation to speak for us. We don’t want others to tell us what we need or want. We want to be the ones to tell you what we want and need. 

We just want to be heard, to be valued and to get a chance to change the world without barriers put in place by the older generation. There are many members of the older generation that can see that we are important but there are still many that don’t.   

Why Young People Should Use Their Voice 💪

Overall, don’t allow others to stop you from speaking your voice. You are important, and so is your voice. Stand up for what you believe in, even when you may get push backs. Find groups that support your cause, make friends that allow you to grow and allows you to be you.  

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