Being young can be hard, we can have many struggles that can affect our mental health and wellbeing. However, it is important to take advantage of being young!  

What are our struggles?

☘️ Pressure to get high grades as well as getting into the top universities

🌸 Everything is way more expensive e.g. house prices has gone up 

🌹 It’s hard for young people to get their voices heard 

🌻 Fighting against climate change, violence, equality, discrimation and so on

🍄 Social media : The pressure and the influence that it has on young people

🍁 As well as many other struggles that young people face!

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Even with all of these struggles, make sure to take advantage of being young. Being young allows you to make mistakes without having massive consequences. However, make sure to know the difference between a mistake and something that is harmful. 

Being young allows you to do things that you shouldn’t really do within reason. For example, skipping class here and there, staying out after your curfew and so on. However, make sure to know the difference between having a little fun and breaking the law. 

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Enjoy what you have, go out with friends and family if you want a break from revision, do that activity that you’ve always wanted to do if you want a break from society’s expectations, have that well-deserved relax if you want to take a break from being busy all the time.      

Make sure to work hard at what you enjoy, focus on your goals and your wants but have fun. Don’t allow anyone to tell you can’t do something because you are young, don’t pick a career path that you don’t enjoy just because others want you to. Do what makes you happy. 

Stop trying so hard. Achieve more by doing less.

Remember that just because you are young, doesn’t mean that you aren’t important, your voices should be heard. If you see something that you want to do, go for it, if you see something you don’t agree with, stand up for it. You shouldn’t need to feel afraid just because you are young.