Positivity is something that is often talked about within schools, at work, in friendship groups etc. It’s an important step towards personal growth and self care. It is something that everyone wants in their lives, in one way or another.  

Quote – “Push through those barriers and believe in yourself.” 

Examples of Positivity 

🍓 Self-oriented positivity – “I’m a good person.”

🍇 Other-oriented positivity – “My friends aren’t perfect, but they are there for me when I need them.”

🥑 Gratitude – “I’m so lucky to had such a great husband.”

🍉 Paying attention to the positive – “The movie was so cool.”

🍐 Savoring – “The vacation last year made me feel so relaxed and connected.”

🥝 Future-oriented positivity – “I’m looking forward to my friends ‘Friendsgiving’ this year.”

How can I become more positive?

🐬 Write a self-compassion letter 

🦘 Practice positive reappraisal 

🦜 Practice gratitude 

🐎 Try doing positive meditation 

🐕‍ Take time for yourself

When positivity might backfire?

Your positivity may backfire when something doesn’t go your way! An outcome may not be something that you like and that may make you feel anxious. Sometimes you may not know how to get out of a situation and this may get you down. 

However, there is always a way to get back on track. You may not see the positive outcomes straight away but show determination and courage and you’ll get to where you want to be. Even if your expectations are high, this does not mean these expectations are bad, it means that you are wanting to strive to be the best person for yourself.  

Joe Wicks on The Power of Positivity | Feel Better Live More Podcast 

So what is the power of positivity?

⚽️ Long livers                                            

🏉 Creates better first impressions 

🏀 Stress relievers                                  

🎲 Brings peace and fulfilment 

🏈 Decrease in possibility of diseases       

🎳 Helps deal with rejections

⚾️ Better mindset                                      

🎱 Increase in motivation 

Overall, positivity can come from inside you and from outside. The positivity from the inside is the self-talk, the things that you decide to do that make a positive effect on you. The positive outcomes from the outside, are the results that come out of your actions such as better wellbeing, getting good grades etc.