🎤 Time – There is no answer as to when the grief will get any easier as it’s different for every person. It may be a month but it could also be years. Not giving yourself time that you need, will minimize what you are going through. To help with this process, why not start journaling.  

🎙Journaling – It can be in the form of writing or videos. No matter what one you may choose, feeling your feelings with just yourself can help you to feel more comfortable in opening up to others. Or journaling may be enough to help you through your grief. 

Writing or recording your memories you have with your pet and how those memories made you feel with photos to go with it can give you a physical document of your time with your pet. So when you are feeling down, you can look back through your journal to help you remember the good and the bad times.

🎲 Create a ritual – This may sound strange but giving your pet a funeral, a memorial service or doing some sort of ritual can give you that final goodbye. It can give you the chance to come to terms with the passing of your pet, even if they have passed away a couple of days already.   

🎨 Ask for help – Grieving the loss of a pet shouldn’t make you feel embarrassed. Animals are a part of your family, you love them, you care for them and they can make a difference in your life. So when they pass away, it can be difficult to cope with that loss alone. Talking to others about that loss and reminiscing about your pet with others can make you feel like it’s not just you.