Transgender Day of Visibility is a day that celebrates people who are transgender or who comes under the trans umbrella. As well as increase awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.  

Here are some blogs that young people have created on gender! 

  1. Our Stories – Being Transgender 
  2. My Relationship with Gender  
  3. My Transgender Story  

Here are other blogs to find out more about transgender visibility! 

  1. Thousands of Transgender People Face Long Wait For Support  
  2. Happiful Reads: The Trans Teen Survival Guide  

If you are struggling to have conversations with your parents about your identity, give them this guide which starts them off in a good place to help you with your journey – Helping Teens Transition: A Guide for Parents

Trans day of visibility isn’t just to celebrate people who are transgender, it’s also for people to show their support and become an ally. Being an ally is important as it creates a safe space for those who are transgender.  

Being an ally is about visibly and vocally standing up for the rights of others, calling out bias and unacceptable behaviour when it is safe to do so. An ally listens, creates safe spaces, goes to events for LGBTQ+ community.  

Platfform is a charity that is open, inclusive and welcoming to everyone regardless of your gender or identity, we treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. 

Being an ally for the LGBTQ+ community   

Podcast – What Does Pride Mean To You? 

Here are some LGBTQ+ charities! 

  1. Pride Cymru 
  2. Stonewall 
  3. LGBTQ+ Foundation 

Overall, trans day of visibility is an important day for people who are transgender as it is another step towards more acceptance and awareness of the struggles they go through.