Sweet Tooth is based around a child who is a hybrid. He’s a cross between a human and an animal who is making his way through a post-apocalyptic world to find his mum and others like him.  

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In my opinion, Sweet Tooth was amazing. It’s interesting and represents what is going on in the real world right now but in a more of a storytelling manner. The storyline isn’t the exact same as what’s on now but there is correlation. 

The last episode was left on a cliffhanger so I can’t wait for the next season as I want to know where the story will be taken next. As well as this, the characters were casted brilliantly which makes the show even better. 

Behind the magic of Sweet Tooth

I loved the way they created sweet tooth, the camera work was great and the scenery in the backgrounds were amazing. As well as this the sound fits perfectly with what’s going on within the scene which helped the storyline flow. 

Tv shows can have many positive and negative effects on your mental health. Today, we’ll talk about the signs that are affecting your mental health negatively. 

The signs can be: 

  1. Making your symptoms worse
  2. You can’t stop thinking about the show 
  3. It’s triggering for you 
  4. The show is making you feel bad about yourself 
  5. The show keeps you from your self-care routine 
  6. It’s isolating you from friends and family 


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Overall, Sweet Tooth is a show that I would recommend for people to watch. It represents what has been going on in the real world even though the show started being filmed in 2019. The action was great and I liked how they used as many props as possible rather than CGI.