What is the Draw My Life project?

Over the past couple of months, Platfform4yp had the opportunity to create a series of videos with some of our incredible young people. It allowed these young people to develop videos about topics that they feel strongly about. 


We wanted young people to have their voices heard and encourage others like them to get involved with sending the message of support, inspiration and empowerment. 

It allows other young people to listen to the experiences of young people like them and learn about topics that are either generally misunderstood or under-represented in general media. 

When will the videos be coming out?

We have four videos that will be shared with you all over the month of January. Below is the schedule;

Friday 8th January – Challenges of Being Blind

This video is about one of our young people being blind and the struggles that she has with this disability. This young person wants to break the stigma around disabilities such as being blind and make others like her feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. 

Friday 15th January – We Can’t Be Stopped 

This video is about the topic of hidden disabilities as one of our young people has a couple of hidden disabilities herself. This young person wants to educate people more about that fact you can’t always see disabilities. Also, people with disabilities are just as capable in being involved with projects as anyone else. 

Friday 22nd January – My Journey 

This video is about one of our young people’s journey’s with their mental health with the Platfform charity. They wanted to explain what it is like to get support from the day she started with Platfform to now and to show why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting help. 

Friday 29th January – Hair 

Hair is a video about afro hair and the effects that people touching people’s afro hair has on that person. The young person that made this video wants to change the perception of people to make them more aware of the fact that it isn’t ok to touch someone’s hair just because it looks “different” or “cool”. 

Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media @platffform4yp to get regular updates and activities with our Draw My Life creators. 

Want to find out about more projects like these? email youngpeople@platfform.org!

If you have content or ideas that you want to share, email Tom.platfform4yp@gmail.com or Lucy.platfform4yp@gmail.com