In times of crisis 

What should you do if you find yourself or someone you know in a crisis? Firstly, we need to acknowledge that this is a tough thing to handle and can be very scary and overwhelming – please be kind to yourself. Below is a list of phone lines that are set up to support you in time of crisis, with staff on the other end of the line who are trained to help you.  

We would always encourage you to contact these phone numbers if you are concerned for the safety of yourself or someone you know, and also at other times when you are struggling. 

REMEMBER:  if you are deeply concerned for someone’s safety or your own, please call 999 and seek help and support from the emergency services. 

Some other things you can try to ground yourself or a friend in a time of crisis 

This can be whilst you wait for support to arrive or to try and de-escalate the situation you are in.