On Saturday 10th October, we did a Q&A to acknowledge World Mental Health Day. We got fantastic responses to the questions we put on our instagram story at Platfform4yp.

Q1. What does ‘mental health for all mean to you’?

Good mental health for all means to me, the human right for everyone to have good (mental) health, to be a normal person and just gets on as being normal with support for mental health and to not be treated differently from others.

Q2. What kind of support do you find useful?

The kind of support that I find useful is to have someone to talk things through and have education on how to help others suffering or how to help yourself.

Q3. What do you think are the negatives and positives of a diagnosis?

The positives of having a diagnosis are;
Acknowledges what a young person is going through
Some sort of explanation
You can identify the problem

And the negatives of having a diagnosis are;
People don’t fit into boxes
Focus on trauma/issues for the person
Judged by others
Confusion to why I don’t fit a diagnosis
You see it as a reason you can’t do things

Q4. Best piece of well-being advice that you’ve been given?

The best pieces of advice we got given are;

Life isn’t a competition. Just do what makes you feel good.
Focus your mind on something you enjoy
Count your blessings

Q5. What would you like to see more of in young people’s services?

We would like to see more funding, young people being taken more seriously, to be more specific to the individual person and to acknowledge that mental health is normal.