You Are Worthy Of Recovery is a podcast with Ruthie Lindsey that talks about near death experience, how physical pain turns into emotional pain, addiction to prescribed drugs, divorce and so much more. 

This podcast is one of my favourites from the “Recovery from Reality” series as it was smooth as I felt like the conversation did not stop and start as much. As well as this, the story is strong and empowerful as it hit me in a way that the others didn’t. 

I liked how this podcast felt like more of a progression of the guests’ story rather than going back and forth from story to story. I could tell that when the guest was talking about her childhood and happy moments, she was in awe. This made me think about my childhood more and the happy moments that I had.   

Whilst Ruthie Lindsey talks about her story, she tells it in a way that she wasn’t dwelling on her past but was using it to help herself and others move forward. She did get emotional throughout the story but overall she seems happy with where she is now which shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Ruthie Lindssey told her story straight and down to the point with the facts which allows people to understand her story in a very simple way. This meant that even though the way the story was told was simple, it showed the enormity of it all.  

Even though I like what they are talking about the majority of the time, there are some topics that I didn’t understand how they were related to the story or the title. However, I liked how these topics were talked about as they are important either way. 

Overall, I really agree with the message that was being portrayed of “you’re worthy of recovery” as it’s important for people to understand that they shouldn’t need to be in pain and people care about them. 

You Are Worthy of Recovery Podcast