Today (22nd April), it is Earth Day and we wanted to celebrate an organisation that actively make a change to vulnerable young people and adults through using sustainable materials that help with making a positive impact to climate change.

About Down To Earth

Down To Earth is an organisation that provides life-changing experiences through worthwhile outdoor activity. They have worked with thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and adults to change their lives. For example, they have worked with the stroke department, early intervention in psychosis, low secure mental health and traumatic and acquired brain injury.

What does Down To Earth do?

Down To Earth uses sustainable construction methods to include young people in creating sustainable buildings. They also offer other activities such as tree climbing, fire lighting, stick carving, pizza making and so much more. 

An employee’s experience (Down To Earth)

“I have worked for Down To Earth for 12 years and I love it. To be part of a team that cares and works with such a diverse range of groups, from young people to adults using the outdoors for learning and increased well-being is a pleasure. Long may it last.”

 “Working with Platfform and the young people they have brought along have been awesome. The workers are caring and enjoy their work. The young people have been great, starting off at the beginning of the day quiet and not knowing people and chatting, smiling and playing by the end of the day. It has been so good having groups back at the site, it is why we work here. They have brought the site alive again.” 

An employee’s experience (Platfform)

“Going to Down To Earth has been great. It has been a pleasure to work with such amazing people and be able to connect with Platfform colleagues and young people in person. Everyone from Platfform has enjoyed the experience and would love for it to carry on working with Down To Earth.”

“As I like being more of an active person myself, I like the idea that they involve a more practical and sustainable way of working. I wished that these sort of activities carried on into my high school experience. However, I am glad that there are opportunities like these out there.” 

Overall, Down To Earth is an incredible place to go that allows vulnerable young people and adults to be involved and make change in their lives. Also, they do all this by being environmentally friendly.