Since the pandemic started where you’ve likely spent more time at home than you ever thought possible, a lot of people’s confidence has declined. Now that restrictions have lifted completely, going back out into the world may be nerve racking for many people. 

Going from having online school to going back to in person, seeing friends via zoom to meeting face-to-face again and so much more! It’s like we are going back into the world like nothing has happened but that is understandable. We just want to get back to normal!

Now it’s the time where people are going onto the next chapter in their lives. If you’ve decided it’s time to do the same, there are some practical ways that you can regain your confidence. 

🏉 Try not to compare yourself with where other people are! 

Making comparisons is normal, however, it’s something that will not help with your confidence in the long run. Your idea of where you want to be is going to be different from the person next to you. Whatever you want to achieve, make sure it’s what you want rather than what you think people want you to achieve.

🏈 Have positive relationships we others! 

Think about who has a positive effect and negative affect on you. You may not even have anyone who has a negative effect on you but if you do, are they the right fit for you. Do they bring you down or lift you up? Do they accept you for who you are? And so on! 

⚾️ Plan for the future!

Whether it’s planning for the next year, month, week or even just for the next day, plan roughly what you are wanting to do. This allows you to go into the future prepared and with more certainty. It allows you to not procrastinate and work on the things that you want to work on. 

🥎 Know what you are and aren’t confident in!

Knowing what you are confident and not confident in allows you to work on the things that you aren’t so comfortable with. However, it also allows you to feel proud of what you already have achieved. 

Tip – Mix both what you are confident in and not confident in throughout your day so you aren’t always focusing on what you want to work on. Instead you are gradually placing in things you want to work on, as well as validating what you already have. 

🏐 Step outside of your comfort zone!

Stepping outside of our comfort zone can help us embrace the risk of becoming more confident with ourselves as well as the world around us. Taking risks helps us thrive. However, don’t push too far. If you need help with stepping outside of your comfort zone, ask a friend or a family member to be by your side. 

Overall, confidence is something to work on over time. There will always be a time where your confidence will waiver and that’s ok. However, having confidence can help you overcome various different obstacles in your life.